The platform facilitating sales in Belt and Road region
A way to enter the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other Belt and Road countries
460 000
customers of various
market sectors
1,3 mn
successfully completed calls
for bids
$270 bn
total purchasing amount
18 years
expertise in e-procurement market
sectors covered — from commerce to construction
branches worldwide
About MasterBid
MasterBid is a cloud-based platform for an efficient tender-based procurement and sales of goods and services online.
Key expertise of MasterBid
Procurement and sales in Belt and Road countries
Major companies use the platform to procure construction materials, equipment and services for infrastructure projects
1 200 000 purchases
in 20+ European and Asian countries
Top-20 Forbes
among the major Russian dot com companies
№1 in Russia
in terms of quality of services in b2b procurement sector, according to RAEX
Top-5 SaaS providers
according to CNews Analytics,
2017, Russia
How MasterBid helps to enter the new markets
of Belt and Road region
Challenges when entering a new market and earning a reputation of a reliable supplier
Inability to sell to foreign customers on a regular basis.
Fair terms of sales
All bidders are on an equal footing, the contract is awarded to a company offering the best supply terms. Gain a reputation as a reliable supplier and be invited to the most promising calls for bids!
High sales-related costs
Establishment of a representative office, customers management and promotion activities in the region consume a lot of money, while success is not guaranteed
Raise your profit margin
All sales take place online, only real and valid calls for bids are displayed in the system — no need to waste money in pursue of a remote possibility of getting a contract
Difficulties in finding contracts in unfamiliar region
No single base embracing the current and relevant calls for bids
Select the most promising calls for bids from an extensive base of current ones
Major European and Asian buyers from different industries place their calls for bids for supply of goods and services every day. Over 6000 current calls for bids daily
Lack of knowledge of local markets and language barrier
Necessity of engaging high-paid experts (operational, technical, financial, legal, etc.) to build an efficient sales process.
Turn-key online sales
Dedicated manager, 24/7 support, free training. Tendering consulting, analytics and supplementary services available.
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