Procurement Methodology
Building a system for procurement management
in the Belt and Road region
18 years of
expertise in the
World-class experts
Buyers from
Top-100 Russian companies
Major market players streamline their procurement with our help
Integration with your ERP-system
Supervision and control over procurement
Online, from anywhere in the world
Subject matter experts
Your procurement system will be audited and streamlined by our professionals having a great expertise in providing legal and methodological guidance in procurement activities.
Legal support
Comprehensive assistance in procurement arrangements in compliance with applicable laws.
Dedicated advisor
Several experts work on a procurement streamlining project, and a dedicated manager contributes to ensure a maximum efficiency.
Streamlining procurement process
We will audit your entire procurement process
Our experts will take a close look at your company's business processes, carry out an audit of your procurement activities and will help to adjust procurement-related documents and regulations.
We will establish procurement management system
We will set up an efficient coordination between the company's units involved in procurement. We'll help you to switch to convenient and easy e-procurement, develop relevant regulations and implement the processes as required by local law regulations.
We will provide training for your staff
We will provide your team with training on the legal fundamentals of procurement in your region and procurement implementation according to the current laws, company's internal regulations and new procurement framework.
We will assess efficiency
We will identify growth points for procurement processes efficiency and help to mitigate risks and costs.
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